1. The 25 things you need to know about drinking after you turn 25.

    3. If you’re the couple that gets drunk and fights, break up. At a certain point, people will just stop inviting you places.

    9. Keep sparkling wine in the fridge. There is no greater joy than a mimosa you didn’t have to put clothes on to drink.

    16. If you’re still patronizing the same bar you’ve been going to since (insert one-hit wonder that was popular when you were 21 here. If you’re wondering, mine would be Dem Franchize Boyz) was relevant, stop.

    24. The person who brought the Jagermeister is the one who ruined your bathroom rug.

    Read the rest here.

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    4. No one cares if you smoke “only” when you’re drinking. ACTUALLY, ERNEST, my doctor cares if I only smoke when I’m...
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    Trufax: 13. There ain’t no shame in going to a bar by yourself. Bring that book you’ve been meaning to finish.
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